Building Muscle and Burning Fat in the Gym


People hit the gym for a lot of reasons. Some want to become stronger, others want to boost their cardiovascular conditioning, and then there are those who want to pack on a lot of mass. For the average person, a trip to the gym is desired for one reason and one reason only: to burn fat. The gym is the perfect place to be when your goal is to lose weight because there are tons of free weights and cable machines to choose from.

Right now, some may be shaking their heads. They don’t want to lift weights because they do not want to get bulky with a lot of muscles. Besides, there are so many cardio machines to work out on. Why bother with weights? The answer is lifting weights helps you burn up a lot of stored fat, more stored fat than you realize.

Lifting Weights Burns Massive Calories

Lifting weights, free weights in particular, could burn up a great deal of calories. This is true even when you first start out lifting and are performing exercises with light weights. The reason is muscle gets broken down during the workout. The muscle is somewhat beaten up during the workout and then wants to grow larger to make future workouts a lot easier. This doesn’t happen while you are lifting weights. Of course, the physical movement of lifting weights does burn calories but this is not the end of the fat burning process.

The muscle has to repair itself in the days after the workout. During this time period, the muscle tissue burns calories. With a proper workout program, the calories will come from stored fat. In no time you’ll beĀ taking great gym selfies and be able to submit them to GymViral for the whole world to see!

Protein Intake Helps

In order for muscle to repair itself, it is going to need protein. This means after finishing up a gym workout it is best to eat natural food packed with protein. Eating baked chicken breast is one of the preferable ways. So would scrambling up egg whites as they are considered the best source of protein. Protein powder is extremely popular but, honestly, nothing is going to be better than getting protein from real food. The body just processes it a lot better.

Some might opt to boil eggs whites until they are fully cooked and blend them in with vanilla or chocolate almond might. Basically, this is an egg shake as opposed to a protein powder shake. Still, you would be getting a nice amount of protein from the drink.